Individual Galas

As a Club we compete in team galas, however there are opportunities on a fairly regular basis for swimmers to compete individually.  This means that they are able to compete on their own for medals/trophies.  Individual galas dates are listed on our Galas page and when details are available are posted on the Home page also with a deadline date for entries.  This deadline is often different to the gala pack information detailed on the organising club's website as individual gala entries fill up fast and so the earlier deadline is the best way of ensuring our swimmers get a chance - please check our Club's closing dates for this information. 

To enter, you need to print off a Generic Entry Form from the Links page and complete the information required including ASA numbers and date of birth.  For swimmers times, see Swimmers Times page - if your child has not got a relevant time, please see a Coach. 

You need to include payment with your entry, preferably a cheque made payable to DJASC.  Entry fees are listed on the gala information pack on the organising club's website and are per race.  Your entries can be put in the black box on the balcony where they will be picked up by a Coach.

Individual galas often start early.  Warm up is often 8.00am in the morning and dependant on what races you choose to enter can involve a whole day of competition.

Please see a Coach should you have any questions or require any further information.